OS2008 for Nokia N800

I’ve recently upgraded my Nokia N800 to OS2008. There are a lot of improvements in this new OS. The things I liked best are:

1. No need for red pill

There is no need to enable a hidden hack to be able to add new Application Catalogs. Previously, adding a new Application Catalog was not possible by default. You had to perform a secret sequence of operations in order to activate this feature. It was called the red pill because part of the activation process prompts the user with a question whether to take the blue pill or the red pill (taken from the movie The Matrix).

Not only that is now enabled by default, the maemo repository catalog is also added. The only thing left to do is enable it so that you can start adding applications.

2. Xterm is installed by default

This is a great relief of having not to install xterm manually and go over the trouble of finding which catalog repository it is kept. It is already there and ready to use. You can launch “apt-get install” right away of your favorite applications.

There is one minor quirk though. Previously, it was installed under Extras. Now it’s under Utilities and I thought it was much harder to find since you have to scroll down the list. Believe it or not, I didn’t know that the list was scrollable. I had to Google it to find out where to access Xterm.

3. Openssh

Installing Openssh server automatically sets up the root password for you. Previously, you had to install becomeroot or sudogain-root to get root access so that you can change its password.

4. Browser

The new browser is much better and more stable.


2 thoughts on “OS2008 for Nokia N800

  1. I have OS2008 and OpenSSH installed, but I can’t access the root account. Any idea how I can get root?

  2. Last time I checked, the default root password is “rootme”.

    If this doesn’t work, run this command:

    $ sudo gainroot

    This should log you in as root.

    If you get an error message saying “enable rd mode if you want to break your machine…”, you will need to install “becomeroot” application.

    You can get this application here: http://eko.one.pl/maemo/dists/bora/user/binary-armel/becomeroot_0.1-2_armel.deb

    Rerun “sudo gainroot”.

    Hope this helps.


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