Links to IBM WebSphere Application Server Documentations

In spite of Google’s power, finding information about WebSphere is still a chore. I can’t really blame Google because IBM WebSphere documentation is huge.

Until search results get better or I figure out how to find things faster on the IBM site directly, I am organizing my bookmarks here so that I can immediately refer to documentations I always use.

  1. WebSphere Application Server, Version 6.1 Information Center – Everything should be under here about WebSphere Application Server.
  2. IBM WebSphere Application Server, Release 6 API Specification – Javadoc to all Websphere APIs. This is under the Infocenter documentation but this will save you the trouble of searching where the Javadocs of the API reside.
  3. WebSphere Application Server Release 6.1 Public MBean Interfaces – Javadoc to WebSphere MBeans.
  4. WebSphere Extended Deployment (XD) Release 6.1 Public JMX MBean Interfaces
  5. Server Configuration Interfaces
  6. WebSphere Configuration Documentation – Documentation to WebSphere’s XML files
  7. WSADMIN Scripting

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