Embedded chat-room window

I added a feature to Yaploud where you can embed a chat-room window into your web page. Instead of a popup window, the chat-room window can be accessed directly from your web page. Visitors of your site can view and send chat messages on your web page.

To do this, all you need is to generate a small piece of html code which you will then insert into your web page. The html code is a simple iframe tag that you insert into your web page. For details, see


Note: This only works if you can embed an iframe html element into your web page. For example, this would be nice to have in your web blogs, if it allows it. Unfortunately, most blogs don’t allow this like WordPress, so this won’t be possible.



YapLoud.com will launch tonight at midnight.


I will enable the index.php to make it live at exactly 12MN PDT. I hope I don’t doze off.

YapLoud is a web-based chat application where people can chat about any webpage. It’s like an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) with multiple chat rooms but each chat-room is associated to a specific webpage on the Internet.

This is written in PHP with MySQL as the database. I’m using YUI toolkit for AJAX functionalities.